It’s the dawn of new era. An era where everything can be accessed & acquired online.

With this in mind, we know that we need to do something about our old site. We know that it was perfect, but we needed something more to achieve our end goal.

What’s new?

It is obvious. We’ve upgraded our old website to an online store!

  1. Amazing home sliders to showcase our products and features
  2. A handy guide for new customers
  3. Mailing list – perfect for you to subscribe and get our updates and promotions
  4. Users / customers can now register, easily.
  5. A Shop page to display all our available products.
  6. Shopping cart, where you can view your cart and checkout at any time.
  7. Payment integration with your online banking or credit card / debit card.
  8. Affiliates program for those who loves to share.

Aren’t we all love shopping? =)

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