Octaland 4D+

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Using AR technology, you can travel into the virtual world called Octaland. You are also able to access Octaland through portals in various parts of the world, but you have to follow an educational treasure hunt to find the portals.

Octaland4D+ Occupation cards are the first in a series of Octaland products. It incorporates educational activities to bring the joy of learning to everyone, young or old.

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Another awesome creation of Octagon Studio – Octaland4d+ Occupation series. Octagon Studio launched Octaland4d+ Occupation in Augmented World Expo (AWE), California, 2015. Octaland4D+ Occupation cards consist of a pack of flashcards from A-Z, introducing 26 characters, from Albert the Astronaut to Zac the Zoo keeper.

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