Dinosaur 4D+

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Forget Jurassic Park when you can own and “breed” your own species of dinosaurs! We bet it is better than just watching the dinosaurs in 3D in the cinema rather you could get thrice the fun with this latest creation from Octagon-Studio!

Get Dinosaur 4D+ while it’s on sale. Just install the Dinosaur 4D+ (Octagon Studio) from the Google Playstore and you’ll be hearing giggles and wow from your children soon.

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Welcome to the Stone Age!  It’s a Dinosaur 4D+ world! Roaarrr!! We are sure that would scare everyone of =)

This amazing Dinosaur 4D+ is packed with 20 cards. Its 3D quality and detailed graphics are the first thing you would notice while unboxing this new product. All we can say that it’s a must have for your 4D+ collection. Think your children will like this new Dinosaur 4D+? They’ll love it especially when watching the dinosaurs come to life in its Virtual Reality mode.



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