4D Flashcard Space 4D+ by Octagon Studio (38 Cards)

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As a kid, you probably have wondered how our solar system looks like. Looking at the stars and imagining flying around in the space ship. Well with our recently released awesome Space 4D+, parents finally can put their children’s imagination into a reality!

Tons of features, amazing detailed illustrations and cool augmented reality were incorporated into this 38 cards of Space 4D+. Parents can teach and give their children the experience of a lifetime! Go explore the planets, navigate through the satellite and watch out for the asteroids or comets all without leaving the comfort of your home.

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Space 4D+ is the latest creation of Octagon Studio. It consist of 38 flashcards perfect for parents with kids who love to travel and marvel the outer space. With Space 4D+ your kids will understand our solar system better and it will definitely amazed them. Just imagine watching the asteroid, satellite, the earth and other planets coming to live! Grab one now before we ran out of stock!


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